AIK x AREEBA - Custom Jewellery

“Daring, young and talented. Areeba Malik thrives to create art by reimagining tradition”.


AIK Atelier announces a collaboration with @areebamalik.jewellery. A jewellery designer dedicated to the art, crafting high quality jewels. She believes in sourcing from her homeland and carrying each piece all the way to the end to transform them into memorable pieces of art.

aik-atelier-blog-areeba-malik-jewellery-designer-1Areeba is a dynamic young designer who holds a degree in Jewellery and Accessory Design from Beaconhouse National University. In order to pursue her passion in jewellery design she worked with top jewellery brands in Pakistan before venturing out and setting up her own brand under the name of ‘Areeba Malik Jewellery’ in mid-2019. Areeba herself has learnt the art of metalsmithing and stone setting during her bachelors program which assists her design in becoming the finest versions of them.










The fine jewellery pieces are developed via the reverse route of design. The jewellery pieces do not take birth on the paper; they are constructed by a journey. The journey starts from the oldest jewellery markets of Lahore to handpicking the locally available semi-precious stones, unique raw materials and then the designs are created through another journey where hidden beauty is discovered by play of matching her idea to her stone.  It is only when the stones speak to the concept, a design forms and a timeless jewellery piece takes birth.


To add a distinctive touch, all the jewellery is handcrafted by the local artisans of Pakistan. Each part in every piece is manufactured by hand labor which makes it one of a kind. Jewellery pieces speak their own language of individuality as they cannot be replicated again, minor differences in every article highlights the beauty of handcrafted jewellery and builds a deeper relationship between the article and the client.



Areeba Malik Jewellery aims to keep fabricating unique pieces of art which tell tales of aesthetics and love for her raw materials.



Discover Areeba Malik Jewellery: @areebamalik.jewellery

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