Rabiyah Sagheer, a painter currently studying at OCAD with far from ordinary artistic skills made the debut collection of AIK wholesome by creating a cover that is a true visualisation of the AIK Winter 2019 campaign. Her work reflects her perception of art, beyond the unconventional way.

Warm oranges, ochres and subtle hues of crimson blend with one another to form a bed for the blossoming flower motifs. The intricate black and beige flower vines intertwine with one another and come together as one.


The process of ideas coming to life through brushstrokes has been flawlessly executed. Art has truly been redefined as not only a passion but a way of living. An inspiration to her generation, Rabiyah paints by the day and runs her own hand made jewellery business by the night. Her painting style and love for the floral form can also be seen in the jewellery pieces that have been hand-painted by the artist herself.



Discover: instagram.com/rangbazaarstudio