Summer Bliss - Love for Lawn


Paying homage to the founders’ unconditional passion for art and the art of creating, the House explored and expanded the creative field with new mediums of design. The Lawn ’20 Vol. II Collection is a vibrant evocation of signature AIK design philosophies. Each design was conceived and spawned with features that capture the spirit of bright summer days and the festive vibe the warmth of the season brings.



The creative team infused print onto soft breezy chiffon to give women a sense of the familiar while staying true to the House’s roots. AIK believes in inclusivity and serving every woman which is why digital print is an essential part of this range.

Spider Boring


The pioneers of AIK have always challenged their own creative skills and devoted their savoir fair to bring to life design excellence the House has always promised. This collection characterises a summer classic; boring embroidery refashioned in a more sophisticated look. Spider boring was created with the idea of transforming this conventional technique with style while staying true to the profoundly resonant AIK values.

Cross Stitch


Over the years, the term Lawn season has become synonymous to summertime in Pakistan. It is without a doubt the most celebrated, the most extravagant and sought after custom of the local culture. Lawn for AIK is not about just the fabric; the team curated an experience of festive summer spirit, of the heritage and most importantly, timeless AIK style. Cross stitch embroidery is introduced in this collection and in the endless list of what the House has to offer.

Discover the AIK Lawn ‘ 20 Vol II Collection.