AIK Stories - with featured artist Ayesha Mazher

The creative team at AIK has always loved applying #SavoirFaire to every stage of the design process for a collection, beginning from perceiving each design down to the last graphic detail for the campaign.
For the #AIKFall 2020 Collection ‘Ghazal’, it was only fair to construct the logo with calligraphic fonts to visualise the true essence of the word. The word itself means a song, or a ballad usually addressing love and passion. It signifies intense emotions and captivating imagery of the subject matter. Paying tribute to these ideas that originated from the most enigmatic location that served as a source of inspiration for the collection as well as the scene of the Fall 2020 campaign, the logo was developed by a dynamic young artist, Ayesha Mazher.
The logo was designed by hand using calligraphy, a stylized composition of the word ‘Ghazal’ in Urdu, the language or origin for the word. Working with upcoming creative people always brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table and creating this logo with Ayesha was an absolute delight and helped bring the campaign to life.
Explore some of Ayesha’s artworks to experience the artists form of expression.