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Article: #AIKUnboxed - Reimagining design. With upcoming artist, Rabiyah Sagheer

#AIKUnboxed - Reimagining design. With upcoming artist, Rabiyah Sagheer

#AIKUnboxed - Reimagining design. With upcoming artist, Rabiyah Sagheer

Providing the full AIK #SavoirFaire experience, the team dug deeper into the application of their creative ideas for the #AIKFall 2020 Campaign. Working with young and passionately spirited artists like Rabiyah Sagheer brings the element of newness, a fresh perspective; broadening the field of design.


In her own words, Rabiyah talks about the creative process behind the development of the official packaging box for Ghazal - Unstitched Chiffon Collection.

‘Inspired by the chrysanthemum, the design for the emballage captures the essence of the new AIK Atelier Fall 2020 collection. The House’s love for the floral form and its continued exploration of it in terms of shape, colour, texture, and embroidery technique was among the main sources of inspiration. Hence, keeping pace with the House codes, the idea was to create a deconstructed floral motif that is as captivating as the new campaign.


The deep sapphire blue base accentuates the tangerine botanical details and symbolises the eclectic ambiance of the collection. The rough, expressive brushstrokes add life and a painterly feel to the design and imitate the feel of thread-work. The origin and an artist’s unique perspective of viewing the world meld and intertwine with one another, reflecting the core ideas behind Ghazal -Unstitched Chiffon ’20.’


Dicover Rabiyah’s work online at: Rabiyah's Blogs

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