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Eid '2022 Style Edit

Mehrunisa (@mehrus.musings

Style star @mehrus.musings serving her best looks this Eid in this captivating jewel tones emerald outfit from AIKLAWN 2022 - Eid Edit.  A monochrome bonanza of traditional boring embroideries. 

The ravishing @mehrus.musings celebrates Eid in her top picks from AIKLAWN 2022 - Eid Edit collection. Take your style cues from Mehrunisa and dress up in your own favourite AIK Look. 
 Look 01 - Lawn '22 Vol. 4 styled by Mehrunisa. 
Look 06 - Lawn '22 Vol. 3 styled by Mehrunisa. 

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AIK Lawn '22 Vol. 3 



Dareecha - A doorway to cultural heritage and femininity. A series of six exquisite Looks that reflect impeccable craftsmanship and heritage embroideries. Translated in the ateliers onto airy breathable Lawn, with timeless style and signature #AIKSavoirFaire. 

AIK Lawn '22 Vol. 4

Eid Edit AIK Lawn '22 Vol. 4. Five impeccable Looks in signature House monochrome style.