The most spiritual time in the Muslim community, the month of Ramadan ends on a sweet note, the day of Eid. A day that celebrates the people who observe the ritual of fasting, tolerance and worship for a month.

Regular House collaborators and upcoming artists Aaleen Rizvi, Shahmir Ayub and Syed Ali Gulsher who thrive on sharing their individual style through various mediums were invited to create a short clip. They chose to develop a stop motion Eid greeting that not only celebrated the festival but expressed the symbolic narratives associated with this day as well as reflecting their own interpretations of Eid.


The graphics were created with a five step process from developing the idea itself to drawing each element for the composition by hand using a variety of materials. A stop motion filmmaking technique, a medium used for the very first time by the House made this greeting come to life. Each frame is a photograph taken by carefully adjusting the hand drawn ornaments to illustrate the story of the moon cycle that embodies the course of the month of Ramadan, ending with the birth of a new Moon on the day of Eid.


The House of AIK always has always will take immense pleasure in bringing together a team of passionate and talented people with their own ideas of artistic expression to create, learn and grow.